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Beard Grooming Kit GiftBeard Grooming Kit Gift

Beard Grooming Kit

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Gift Box Ingredients

Feel Like A Gladiator, A Viking and A Spartan All In One!

Nourish and Tame that beard!

The ideal gift for Birthdays, Christmas, Father’s Day, Congratulations, and many other special occasions.
Treat yourself, your beard, and your skin! For every man! Guaranteed Satisfaction!

The Premium Beard Grooming Kit gift set contains:

 Beard Oil
 Men’s Beard & Facial Soap
Beard Comb
 Organic Hand Soap
Argan Solid Shampoo Bar

The Deluxe Beard Grooming Kit set contains:

Beard Oil
Men’s Beard & Facial Soap
Organic Hand Soap
Beard Comb

The Standard Beard Grooming Kit set contains:

Beard Oil
Men’s Beard & Facial Soap
Organic Hand Soap

Gift box Content:
Beard Oil: Large 50ml bottles, that’ll last you a long time. For a healthy and sweet-smelling beard that’s easy to style. Our collection of oils are fast absorbing and rich in vitamin oils. Available oils:

Regenerate!: Frankincense and Spruce Essential Oils blended with apricot, Argan and golden jojoba oil for everyday use. Helps to
regenerate stubble or beard.
Enhance!: Black pepper and Bergamot blended with apricot, Argan and vitamin E oil for enhancing your beard and stubble. Best Selling
Beard Oil!
Cleanse!: Orange and Sandalwood essential oils blended with coconut, avocado and golden jojoba oil to create a simple and natural
super fine beard oil.
Condition!: Patchouli, Lime and Cedarwood essential oils blended in coconut, avocado and golden jojoba oil. A perfect mixture aimed
at softening and condition hair follicles too enhance that flawless stubble and beard.

Men’s Beard & Facial Soap: This vegan friendly soap will work up into a thick lather that will hydrate, protect and soften the skin and facial hair. Perfect for men with beards and even those with stubble.

Beard Comb: Maintain your beard shape and condition with a natural bamboo comb. The natural stiff bristles will stimulate the hair follicles to encourage hair growth and keep that healthy looking beard.

Argan Solid Shampoo: Coconut & Lime or Lavender & Rosemary solid shampoo bar. Hydrates and makes your hair shine again!

Handmade Soap: Hand crafted organic soap that’ll refresh and enhance your skin after every use. Pieces of the fruit have been integrated into the soap for added texture.
You will receive 1 of the following options: Honey or  Sweet Cookie.

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Standard, Deluxe, Premium

Beard Oil

Condition, Cleanse, Regenerate, Enhance

Hand Soap

Honey, Sweet Cookie


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