Lavender Simmering Granules GiftLavender Simmering Granules Gift

Lavender Simmering Granules


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Lavender Simmering Granules Gift, for sale in UK

Lavender Simmering Granules

200g of restful and calming aromatherapy

  • Simmering Granules are a great way to refresh  your home. These easy to use granules are salt based and can be placed in an oil burner reservoir to fragrance your home.


  • They are less messy as no oil or water is required. Simply add a spoonful of granules in a burner, light your candle and replace them when they’re used up.


  • They can be great for chasing away cigarette odour from ashtrays, just place a few granules in the tray and let the lavender work its magic.


  • Use them like potpourri, put some in a little bowl and pop in your bathroom or closets. The possibilities are endless!


  • Note: The colour may vary.

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