Roll-On Essential Oil Blends GiftRoll-On Essential Oil Blends Gift

Roll-On Essential Oil Blends


Roll-On Essential Oil Blends


Roll-On Essential Oil Blends

Pocket Size, Uplifting Fragrances and Easy to Apply

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Made in the UK.

  • Roll-ons are a mixture of 100% Natural and Essential Oils in a soothing Vitamin E carrier oil base. In 10ml bottles.
  • Experience aromatherapy easily throughout the day during stressful and tense situations.
  • Easy to Use: Simple roll onto the temples, wrists, and nape of the neck.

Roll On Scents:

Don’t Worry!- A wonderful blend of citrusy bergamot, sweet geranium and woody frankincense oils, to help you relax and uplift your mood to be at your best throughout the day.
Just Chill!- The blend of sweet lavender, fresh rose and earthy vetiver essential oils creates the ideal combination for a soothing peaceful aromatic experience.
Cheer Up!- An energising blend of fresh spearmint, crispy sweet orange and smoky myrrh essential oils that can have an uplifting effect and enhance focus, positivity and optimism.
Get Physical!- A powerful blend of musky patchouli, fresh jasmine and sweet ylang ylang essential oils to help you lift your mood.
Fall Asleep!- A soothing relaxing blend of lavender, sweet chamomile and spicy neroli essential oils, can help to relax mentally and physically.
Wake Up!- An energising combination of zesty mandarin, grapefruit and lime essential oils to help boost alertness and focus to get you started in the morning.
Just Focus!- A blend of rosemary, spicy cypress and refreshing lemon essential oils, will help to sharpen your mind to tackle everyday tasks with a renewed energy.

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Roll On Essential Oil

Cheer Up!, Don't Worry!, Fall Asleep!, Get Physical!, Just Chill!, Just Focus!, Wake up!


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