How to Do a Spa Day at Home: The Ultimate Guide

how to do a spa day at home

Almost 75% of adults in the UK have recently experienced overwhelming stress levels within the last year. Coping with these feelings can be challenging, but a spa day could help.

Still, visiting nearby spas for a massage and facial treatment can be challenging. Many spa treatments are pricey, and some spas enforce booking policies that make it impossible to enjoy a spur-of-the-moment spa day.

As a result, you may be wondering how to do a spa day at home. Keep reading to find out!

How to Relax At Home

You don't need a personal sauna to enjoy an at-home relaxing spa day. You don't even need 24 hours! If you've got a few hours or an afternoon to yourself, you can take the time to throw yourself a spa day.

To experience the best possible spa day, you'll want to:

  1. Clear the air with smudge sticks
  2. Enjoy the fragrance of essential oils
  3. Play relaxing music or soundscapes
  4. Soak in scented bath salts
  5. Pamper your face with clay masks

Let's walk you through these steps to help you understand how they work and how they can make your spa day complete.

Clear the Air With Smudge Sticks

The first step toward getting rid of stress and embracing tranquillity is to remove bad vibes. Smudge sticks are a fantastic tool for clearing the air and creating a safe, calming space.

These plant-based incense sticks are often used to remove negative energy from an area. They can also leave long-lasting fragrances that transport your mind and spirit to a place of ultimate relaxation.

Naturally, it's crucial to be careful when lighting smudge sticks, as falling embers or ash can leave a mess behind. If you're using a smudge stick in a tiled bathroom, the post-burn cleanup is bound to be easier.

But if you're smudging in a bedroom, you may want to hold your smudge stick above a metal plate to keep ashes contained.

Enjoy the Fragrance of Essential Oils

If a smudge stick doesn't seem like the right way to refresh your at-home spa area, you might want to opt for essential oils instead.

Our sense of smell is closely tied to memory and emotion. So spraying a few essential oils or warming them in an oil burner can take you back to a simpler and more peaceful time. You can also use roll-on essential oil blends to get your spa day started.

Play Relaxing Music or Soundscapes

When your spa area is smelling fantastic, it's time to put on some relaxing tunes. You can choose classical music, new age croons, or your favourite soundscape.

Whichever sounds you choose, be sure that you've picked something soothing. For example, the sound of rainfall, the ocean, or gentle harpsichord playing may do the trick.

Are you confident about your music choice? If so, you can begin running a hot bath for yourself!

Soak In Scented Bath Salts

When your bath is at the perfect temperature, it's time to pour in a handful of exfoliating bath salts. Natural sea salt options are far safer and more soothing than artificial bath salts. Be sure to opt for organic alternatives that contain essential oils.

We recommend the Stress Buster mix, as it contains hints of bergamot, vetiver, and geranium. But, of course, Total Unwind bath salt is also a top-notch choice, as it's infused with relaxing lavender oils.

Pamper Your Face With Clay Masks

A warm bath can do wonders for your muscles and help you reach a heightened state of relaxation. But why stop there?

Treating your face with a refreshing clay mask is an excellent way to end your spa day. There are several masks from which to choose, including rejuvenating clay blends and tightening masks. 

The right choice depends on your preferences, but you can also mix and match different clays to create your own mask. Then, when you wash away the clay, you might find yourself feeling like a brand new person!

Benefits of a Spa Day

An at-home spa day is one of the best ways to relax! Importantly, taking the time to breathe deeply and treat your mind and body can be incredibly beneficial.

For example, taking a spa day is great for:

  • Relieving stress
  • Rejuvenating your body
  • Improving sleep quality
  • Boosting your confidence

When you're able to melt away your stress and embrace a more positive frame of mind, you may find that you're able to rest more easily. And when you've enjoyed a great night's sleep, it's far easier to embrace the new day with confidence!

Spa Day Tips

Before you throw yourself a well-deserved spa day, you'll want to take a moment to consider these helpful spa day tips. For example, during your spa day, you'll want to:

  • Take a break from social media
  • Experiment with different scents
  • Choose high-quality spa products

Take a Break From Social Media

Social media is a great way to stay connected with loved ones and share important moments from our lives. But social media also has several negative aspects that can impact your mental health.

When scrolling through amazing vacation pictures or the accomplishments of others, it's easy to feel like you're not doing enough. So on your spa day, try to keep your phone and computer turned off.

If that's not possible, do your best to limit your exposure to social media. Doing so will help you relax, unwind, and learn to appreciate your fantastic qualities.

Experiment With Different Scents

Are you unsure which scents might help you relax? If so, it might be an excellent idea to experiment with different scents to discover which are the most soothing.

That said, lavender and vanilla are popular options. Lavender, in particular, is an essential oil added to bath salts and bath bombs.

You can also heat essential oils in a decorative oil burner or essential oil diffuser to imbue your bathroom or bedroom with a calming scent.

Choose High-Quality Spa Products

A spa day could be as simple as a long warm bath and a mid-day nap. But investing in high-quality spa products is bound to elevate your spa day.

To make the most of your full-body self-care session, be sure to choose a variety of face masks, bath salts and essential oils. Doing so can help you find the inner tranquillity you've been looking for.

Learn How to Do a Spa Day at Home

Enjoying a spa day at home is often as simple as playing some gentle music, lathering up in the bathtub, and treating yourself to a skin-rejuvenating facial treatment. Scent-rich essential oils can make the experience even better.

Now that you know how to do a spa day at home, nothing is stopping you from kicking back, relaxing, and enjoying some bliss. Be sure to choose high-quality spa products with scents that help the tension melt from your shoulders.

To learn more about the best spa products, be sure to contact us today!

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