The Best Corporate Thank-You Gifts: UK Guide

corporate thank-you gifts uk

Are you thinking about investing in corporate gifts?

Yes. Corporate gifting is as good as investing. This is because it’s an incredibly effective way to build relationships for your business both internally and externally with clients.

Sending thank-you gifts to clients can help show your appreciation and enhance your goodwill and reputation. This can also help improve customer relations and even lead to better reviews and possible referrals in the future. They can also help build internal relationships and boost morale within your business.

If you are looking for a comprehensive corporate thank-you gifts UK guide, you’re in the right place. Read on for some inspiration on how you show your appreciation in a professional and memorable way.

1. Branded Stationery

Branded stationery is one of the most practical corporate gifts to give customers and employees. These branded items can include pens, pencils, journals, books, notepads, and various other everyday items you may use around the office. This is a great way to spread brand awareness while also boosting employee loyalty within your business.

2. Tote Bag

Tote bags have become increasingly popular over the last few years. While they are a great alternative to plastic shopping bags, tote bags have become a general bag for carrying various items to and from work. You can even add your company logo to the bag to spread brand awareness at the same time.

3. Clay Face Masks

Although you want to encourage the most out of your staff when they are at work, gifting them relaxation and self-care products can go a long way in building and maintaining a good relationship with them. These products can help your employees relax and rejuvenate themselves so that they can come back with more energy than before.

4. Branded Coffee Mug

Coffee is often the most popular drink in the office. Due to this, gifting your customers and employees branded coffee mugs are a brilliant way to spread awareness for your brand. These mugs are always in use and in full view of the entire office.

5. Spa Kit

Spa kits are another way to help reward your employees with some well-deserved self-care. These spa kits often come with various candles, bath bombs, soaps, and sponges to have a relaxing time at home.

6. Desk Plants

Another great corporate gift is customised desk accessories such as desk plants. These plants may not be customisable in the same way as a pen but can be placed in branded pots and packaging.

This lets your employees add some life to their desks and personalise their workspace. In addition to this, desk plants have been proven to boost productivity in the workplace.

7. Shower Gift Set

Shower gift sets come with a wide range of self-care products to help your employees relax at home. The shower gift sets from Three Bears Emporium come with aromatherapy shower steamers, hand and body soap, natural soap, a clay mask, and an artisan tea blend.

8. Bath Bomb Gift Set

Bath bomb gift sets are a great corporate gift for clients and employees. These gift sets come with a variety of different bath bombs and aromatherapy shower steamers. While the shower steamers are more expensive, these are more useful as you just need to place them on the shower floor to create a relaxing, at-home spa experience.

9. Soy Wax Candles

Scented soy wax candles make for excellent corporate gifts. While this may be more useful as a branding tool, they are effective for both customers and employees.

Some companies may even allow you to customise the candle to add your branding or logo to it. This can help build brand awareness for customers and brand loyalty amongst your staff.

10. Snack Boxes

Snack boxes make for some of the most popular corporate gifts. These custom boxes can be filled with a vast collection of different chocolates, sweets, cakes, pastries, and even biscuits.

While these aren’t as easily customisable, these make for great thank-you gifts for loyal customers and for rewarding exceptional employees. You can even go healthier with a selection of fruits, dark chocolate, or even nuts.

11. Branded Power Bank

Power banks are incredibly useful tools for the office. These small devices can help charge phones, tablets, and even some laptops while on the go.

To add a special touch, consider getting branded power banks made as they make for the perfect corporate gift. These items are long-use items, so even though they may be more expensive, they are worth it.

12. Bluetooth Speaker

Another great long-term gadget that makes for a great corporate gift is Bluetooth speakers. These kinds of speakers are incredibly useful and can be placed in customised packaging to emphasise your brand.

13. Branded Clothing

Clothing is one of the most influential corporate gifts. This is due to the fact that they often last much longer than other gifts and help build a sense of loyalty amongst your staff.

14. Coupons and Gift Cards

Sometimes the best way to reward your employees is to gift them with choice. This is why coupons and gift cards come in handy as you can purchase them with a set value and let your employees choose whatever they want.

15. Wine Box Set

For a more premium corporate gift, consider getting a custom wine gift box made for your customers or employees. You can source these directly from a winery as some of them will even offer to create custom labels and packaging to help spread brand awareness at the same time.

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