8 Delightful Christmas Stocking Fillers They’re Sure to Love

8 Delightful Christmas Stocking Fillers They’re Sure to Love

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More than 75% of people leave Christmas shopping to December. The festive season is a hectic time and many people struggle with buying appropriate gifts for all their relatives.

Christmas stocking fillers can create an especially difficult problem for overwhelmed gift buyers. Having to buy multiple small presents for lots of different people can be overwhelming. Thankfully, there are lots of great options on the market this year, making gift-giving easy.

Want to learn more about some of the best stocking fillers for Christmas? Read on. We've put together this list of eight ideas to help you out. 

1. Aromatherapy Bath Salts

What could be better than running a nice, hot bath at the end of the working day, filling it with aromatherapy bath salts and then sinking back into the water? Bath salts are perfect for stress reduction and are ideal for relaxing throughout those tough winter months. Aromatherapy bath salts make the perfect stocking fillers for women.

We offer a wide variety of bath salts to suit all tastes. Some favourites include:

  • Stress Buster
  • Total Detox
  • Sleepy Head
  • Total Unwind
  • Colds & Flu

All of the above-mentioned bath salts are available for under £10. They're perfect for stocking stuffers and they also have a long shelf life so there's no need to use them right away.

2. Himalayan Bath Salts

If you're looking for even more luxurious bath salts, why not try something from the Himalayas? Himalayan bath salts are said to have all kinds of special properties, including healing properties and boosts to your skin's health. This very pure form of salt contains around 25 micronutrients to help the user feel rejuvenated. 

 Our Himalayan bath salt range includes creative flavours like lavender & seeds, tree & lime and geranium & grapefruit. Our standard packs are available at just over £10 and offer unrivalled relaxation potential. 

3. Smudge Sticks

A smudge stick is a stick of dried herbs that can be burned similar to incense. The practice dates back to the indigenous people of North America and had great spiritual significance to these tribes. Burning smudge sticks in your home is said to lift your mood and help you feel more relaxed.

We offer 100% naturally grown smudge sticks packed with sage. At only £7.95, they're a great value gift for those looking to get in touch with their spiritual side. 

4. Shaving Soap for Men

If you're buying for the man in your life, we've got you covered with our range of men's stocking fillers. Why not treat your other half to some luxurious shaving soap? 

Our luxurious soap comes in three different varieties and it's perfect to help moisturise the face and keep that shaving motion smooth. Who says men can't enjoy luxurious bathroom products too? These are the perfect men's stocking fillers.

5. Bath Bombs

Who doesn't love a classic bath bomb? Whether you like mini bath bombs or huge dessert bombs, you're sure to find something you'll love in our collection. 

We have tiny love heart bath bombs for that special person in your life, magnificent floral fizzes for those feeling a little more adventurous and even men's bath bombs. 

Browse our selection and find a flavour that's right for you. There are dozens of varieties to choose from, so you can get creative and choose something that will specifically appeal to your loved one. They can enjoy the scent of their dreams while lying back and soaking in the bath.

6. Shampoo Bars

Have you ever washed your hair with a solid shampoo bar? It feels good and can leave your hair looking silky smooth. 

Shampoo bars are also great for the environment! They allow you to store your shampoo simply and easily without the need for lots of little plastic bottles.

Choose from coconut & lime, ginger or lavender & rosemary. Each one makes hair smell as good as it looks! 

7. Candles

A candle or two burning in the bathroom can add that extra touch of class and help you relax. We have lots of different scented and ornamental candles on offer to add a new layer of tranquillity to a luxurious, hot bath. 

Our aromatherapy soy wax candles are just over £10 and they come in two different varieties. Choose from Positive Vibes, with peppermint & clove, or Be Chilled with Lavender & Fennel. 

Looking for something unique? Our cactus candles are some of our most popular items. These unique tealights look just like a potted cactus and you can choose from barrel or agave varieties. 

8. Gift Box Sets

Gift boxes represent some of the best value items in our inventory. We have boxes starting from around £20, packed with candles, soaps, and bath accessories. 

Each box set offers:

  • Bath bombs
  • Aromatherapy bath salts
  • Solid shampoo bars
  • Soaps
  • Other accessories

With over 50 types of gift boxes, you're sure to find something to suit your needs. We even offer gift boxes tailored specifically to men. Treat your boyfriend or husband and let him emerge from the bathroom looking and smelling great! 

Some would say gift boxes are a little large for stocking fillers, but if you feel that way yourself, you could open them up and distribute the items between various stockings. 

More Christmas Stocking Fillers to Enjoy!

Whether you're looking for more Christmas stocking fillers or something a little more substantial, we can help. Three Bears Emporium is proud to offer you a range of quality products that will suit all types of people. 

There's a whole world of premium products for you to discover on our website. Visit our blog today and get more amazing stocking filler ideas. 

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