Mother to Be Gift Sets

Mother to Be Gift Sets

mother to be

As they say, it takes a community to raise a child. It is exciting to know a mother-to-be and watch their journey into motherhood. However, it is also important to provide them with the right support as they transition into this next chapter of their lives. 

There are around 385,000 babies born around the world daily, and all women are mothers in different ways. So, for many, not having enough self-care time is familiar. If you are considering how to support the mother-to-be, consider mum gift baskets. 

All women deserve to feel pampered and special. Read on for gifts that are specifically designed for new mums to help them feel supported during this exciting new time in their life.

Mama-to-Be Gift

Postpartum self-care is essential to support physical and emotional wellbeing. This Mama To Be Gift set is the perfect way for a woman to prepare for birth and use items throughout their postpartum period. This gift set includes:

  • Shower steamers
  • Hand and body cream
  • Sugar scrub
  • Epsom salt foot soak
  • Handmade artisan tea, coffee, or hot chocolate 
  • Foot pumice stone
  • Mini chocolate eggs
  • Lavender essential oil 
  • Natural wild handmade soap 
  • Natural soap saver bag

It is the perfect expecting mom basket to support a mother-to-be's relaxation and self-care time. The set is catered with aromas such as jasmine to calm nerves and switch off. All items are safe during pregnancy and designed to help alleviate muscle pain and enhance relaxation. 

Luxury Pregnancy Gift Basket

The Luxury Pregnancy Gift Basket treats a woman to everything she needs to celebrate this time in her life. After nine months of pregnancy, this is the perfect set to make them feel special. Items include:

  • Shower steamers
  • Hand and body cream 
  • Lavender eye pillow 
  • Epsom salt foot soaks
  • Clay face mask
  • Sleep mist

You can pick scents that the mother-to-be likes, so you can provide a personalised touch to their gift. Women can often take time to integrate the experience of pregnancy and birth, which is why gift baskets for mothers such as this customisable basket are perfect for reminding them of their interests and taking some alone time.

This set also focuses on sleep, with specific products to help aid a new mum's changing sleep routine. They can bask in the scent of lavender to relieve tension and improve mood. They can also use the sleep mist on their pillow at night.

Mum-to-Be Skincare Pamper Gift

Pregnancy can impact a woman's body image and cause changes to their skin for various reasons, including hormones. If you are looking for new mum gift ideas, you should consider this skincare pamper gift. There are specific products to help aid a mother-to-be's skincare, including:

  • Clay mask 
  • Facial konjac sponge
  • Toner water 
  • Grapefruit sugar scrub

These natural products can help refresh and rejuvenate a woman's skin. They have been selected for their ease of use, suitability for different skin types, and vegan products. The other products in this gift basket also help support a woman's skin, such as the sleep mist, as they encourage relaxation, slowing down, and better sleep. 

Pregnancy Care Package

Studies have found the importance of social support for new mums. Gift baskets for new mothers like this care package can indicate your support. It includes products such as:

  • Shower steamers
  • Pink clay mask 
  • Handmade artisan tea or hot chocolate with marshmallows
  • Natural face cloth

While pregnancy is a beautiful experience, it is not without struggles. However, these products can brighten a woman's day and encourage her to relax.

Shower steamers are a simple but effective way to create a spa atmosphere in the shower. You can also select from various teas, including green tea, fruity tea, or traditional earl grey. This gift set also offers the possibility to switch to coffee or hot chocolate to cater to the mother-to-be's preference.

Lavender New Mum Hamper

Lavender can aid pregnancy care in different ways, such as promoting relaxation, acting as pain relief, and relieving stress. If you are looking for new mum gift ideas, this gift set is perfect for helping reduce nerves and encourage self-care. 

Products are all lavender scented and include: 

  • Lavender eye pillow
  • Clary sage and lavender hand and body cream
  • Lavender and fennel sleep mist
  • Luxury lavender and fennel aromatherapy candle

These products last for a long time to help support a woman throughout their pregnancy. The candle lasts for around 40 hours with the clarity of the fennel and relaxation of lavender. The eye pillow is also perfect for promoting more restful sleep.

New Mum Pamper Kit

This set is one of the best new mum gift baskets for self-love and self-care. It promotes alone time for the mum-to-be or new mum, so she can recenter and re-energise during this time. The set includes:

  • Floral water 
  • Aromatherapy candle
  • Family adventure journal 
  • Bath bomb 

The Family Adventure Book is the perfect way for the mother-to-be to document her pregnancy journey. She can sit back and enjoy the candle while reflecting on her day. The other products, such as the bath bomb, also provide welcome respite and a chance to slow down to let the whirlwind of pregnancy catch up with them.

Pregnancy Hamper for Mamas to Be

If you want gift baskets for new mothers that cover everything, this set could be for you. It has many products to help a woman relax during pregnancy. These include:

  • Luxury soy wax candle 
  • Lavender essential oil 
  • Shower steamers 
  • Handmade soap

Products can be used on separate occasions or together for the ultimate pamper session. All products have been carefully selected for detail and quality. For example, handmade soap uses dried fruit or flowers.

The Best Gifts for a Mother-to-Be

There are many new mum gift baskets out there, but pick a reputable provider for safe, reliable, and quality products for the mother-to-be. If you are looking for an expecting mum gift basket, the Three Bears Emporium is here to help. 

We are passionate about providing people with relaxation, delicious fragrances, and pampering during difficult times. All our products are environmentally friendly and as sustainable as possible, with many vegan products.

Check out our full range of gift baskets for new mothers to find the best option for your loved one. 

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